Understanding the function of materials in reactive environments is a crucial issue to advancing knowledge in materials properties. Realistic information can be obtained by measuring under operando conditions, meaning that the systems have to be studied in their real working conditions e.g. under the appropriate atmosphere, temperature and pressure. The latest achievements in operando characterization have demonstrated that multiple probes are required to characterize complementary attributes of functional materials.

The scope of the workshop is to discuss future directions of operando characterization by using both electrons and photons based techniques with a special focus on the necessary cross-feeding between them.

Emphasis will be put on the complementary aspects of operando electron microscopy and photons based  techniques and on the future perspective of broadening the applicability of these tools.

The program will comprise invited keynote lectures. Topics will include nanoscale studies of functional materials and biological samples, and under realistic or near realistic conditions, for example, in gaseous environments, at elevated temperatures, and in liquid.

We aim at providing a forum where highly reputed invited speakers and younger researchers can exchange knowledge and fruitfully discuss on progresses in the fields, to stimulate novel research and new collaborations, and to foresee instrumental upgrades.


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